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The incredible Story of Holy Gems


Our Story

Holy Gems™ is an international luxury jewelry brand, the owner of the exclusive rights of marketing all precious certified gems mined from the first deposit of precious gems ever discovered in the Holy Land of Israel.

Having an established presence in the diamond and luxury jewelry market for three generations in Israel, the company's founders & management are known to be forward-thinking with an innovative vision and extraordinary technical acumen, and are recognized for having established cutting-edge diamond boutiques in New York, London, and Jerusalem and has parlayed its foothold in the luxury jewelry market into Holy Gems™. Now, for the first time, we bring you a limited collection of 101 one-of-a-kind pieces using never before seen certified precious gems mined from the Holy Land.

Blue and green Sapphires, burgundy to red Garnet, and black Spinel are set on a stage of 18K gold and VS collection diamonds. The Carmel-Sapphire, a new gem to the market, which is found only in Israel, sets a new standard in the extraordinary. By pioneering the discovery of these proprietary gemstones, each piece is certified, transparent and traceable at a level as rare as the gemstones themselves.

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Exclusive Gem Mining

The Mining Company (Shefa in Israel (G.M.) Ltd.) is the only company in the world that holds the rights to the declared deposits of precious gems in the Holy Land, in accordance with the permits and licenses granted to it by the Supervisor of Mines in the State of Israel.

All exploration & mining is carried out under comprehensive state regulation and in accordance
with international standards, by first-rate professionals, and while ensuring the preservation and improvement of the environment. The working conditions in the Holy Land Gem Mines are among the best in the world (by comparison), and workers' rights are preserved in accordance with the strict labor laws in Israel, while the company prides itself on integrating and diversifying its manpower, regardless

The exclusive mining rights allow us to maintain control over quality and uniqueness. We are proud of the fact that all of our rare gems are so accurately traceable, almost like no other gem in the world by the most innovative and proven means, including the transparency of the responsible journey that the gems made from the mine to the market.

For more information about the Gem Mining in Israel, including professional research and scientific reports visit the mining company website.

Creating high-end quality

Exquisite Gem Cutting & Polishing:
The Holy Land Gems are gifts from G-d, whose very revelation in nature and especially in the depth of the Holy Land, is a valuable miracle in itself. However, their full potential is realized by human's touch – the cutting which releases the internal beauty of the gem and creates the mesmerizing glimmer which makes a gem so fascinating. Each gem from the Holy Land goes through a delicate & highly skilled process by our experienced master cutters and polishers, when the type of cut for each gem is professionally and carefully chosen in order to maintain the maximum possible size of the gem, and by maximizing the revelation of its natural beauty.

Traditional Classic Designs Inspired by biblical prophecies:
The Holy Gems limited edition high-end jewelry collection was designed by our expert House designer, Mrs. Michaella Taub, an international designer with over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry. The Holy Gems Jewelry designs are classic and traditional, and inspired by verses from the Bible, especially those related to prophecies about the Promised Land - Israel.

Fine Jewelry Craftsmanship:
Precious gems with such a rare sacred origin, deserve only the highest quality presentable platform, and any additional 'materials' that make up the end piece of jewelry must meet the same standard. Accordingly, all our jewelry made of 18K gold and set (in addition to our unique Holy Land gems) also with small diamonds of VS collection quality, and crafted by experienced master jewelers in high-end fine quality.

Our Team

We learned from the best, and we love what we do.

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Michaella Taub