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Mine to Market Gem Traceability

Mine to Market Traceability

In keeping with our commitment to sustainable luxury, Holy Gems is the first and only global luxury jeweler that can provide pro venance information for every gem mined from the Holy Land we set in our jewelry a significant step for precious gems transparency.

All exploration & mining in the Holy Land is carried out under comprehensive state regulation and in accordance with internat ion al standards, by first rate professionals, and while ensuring the preservation of the environment.

We are proud that our rare gems are accurately traceable, by the most innovative and proven means. This includes the transparency of the responsible journey that the gems made from the mine to the hands of the customer.

Each piece of jewelry from the Holy Gems collection is certified by a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisals and authorized by the EGL to issue international precious gems and jewelry grading, and backed by scientific reports and studies.

The Jewelry owner is granted a Jewelry Identification & Grading Report which includes all the natural properties of the Gems inl aid in it, including their 100 % proven Holy Land origin. Owners receive private access to a user friendly online authentication system with all the up to date information about his precious piece of the Holy Land.