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Celebrating Israeli Iron Women: Stories of Strength and Resilience

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In a prestigious ceremony on 2024 International Women’s Day at the Hagana Museum in Tel Aviv, organized by Mr. Yitzhak Eldan, President of the National Ambassadors Club, HOLYGEMS had the honor of awarding the Iron Heroines’ necklace as recognition to these extraordinary women:

  • The late Paramedic Amit Man, from Bery, who sacrificed her life helping the wounded. Amit’s mother received the award, moving the crowd to tears.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Or Ben Yehuda, Commander of the Karakal Battalion, a legendary commander who liberated the Sofa outpost in a tough 14-hour battle. She dedicated the award to her soldiers.
  • Inspector Amit Gur, Eshkol region Border Guard commander, fought with great courage even after an RPG was fired at her vehicle, saving the lives of many.
  • Inbal Lieberman, Chief Military Security of Kibbutz Nir Am, saved the entire kibbutz from an October attack with her resourcefulness.
  • Tali Hadad, from Ofakim, a lioness mother who, even after her son was injured, continued to evacuate dozens of wounded people from the fighting zone under fire, without any prior experience.
  • Nasrin Yosef, a Druze from Moshav Yated, displayed great resourcefulness and a true sense of mission to save her fellow Jews, convincing the terrorists to share with her information about the location of an upcoming attack, thus saving the Moshav.
  • Noa Tishby, an actress and influential activist, honored for her dedicated activity to promote Israel’s true narrative in the world. The award was received by her mother, Yael Artzi, an impressive and strong woman in her own right.

The HOLYGEMS Iron Heroines' Necklace: A Symbol of Empowerment

Crafted with precision and care, the HOLYGEMS Iron Heroines' necklace is a unique piece designed exclusively for this momentous occasion. Each element tells a story of strength, empowerment, and the indomitable spirit of these incredible women.


  • Freshwater Pearl Necklace: Symbolizing purity and strength.
  • 14K Gold Pendant: Inspired by the figure of the Israeli pioneer, representing leadership and resilience.
  • Natural Red Garnet Gems: Mined exclusively from the land of Israel, symbolizing the four mothers of the Jewish nation.

Own a Piece of History

Inspired by these incredible stories, HOLYGEMS is offering a limited number of the Iron Heroines' necklace to our community. By owning this exquisite piece, you not only showcase your support for these women but also contribute to the celebration of their indomitable spirit.