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The Carmel Sapphire™ is a new and phenomenal gem in the market. Its mineralogical composition consists of the common sapphire (Corundum), but also ac companied by a group of new minerals, never before found on earth. one of which was chosen by the International Mineralogical Association ("IMA") as MINERAL OF THE YEAR 2018 .

Formed in the most reducing conditions ever reported on Earth (which made the experts speechless in the face of this wonder), the Carmel Sapphire™ is
miraculous in and of itself.

The Carmel Sapphire™ was first ever discovered IN THE WORLD in 2014 (by our mining company). On March 2020 , For the first time in history, an Official Discovery of Precious Carmel Sapphire ™in the Holy Land was declared after having been found in the Kishon Mine.

High gem quality Carmel Sapphire™ are EXTREMELY RARE and can be found ONLY in the Holy Land of Israel.

Mineralogical, Metaphysical, and Energetic Properties:
Mineralogical composition: Carmel Sapphire ™occurs in fragmental lavas (tephra, ash) erupted from small volcanoes on Mt Carmel. It is being mined from placer deposits formed as these volcanoes were eroded and the Carmel SapphireTM washed down into the drainage of the Kishon River (Lower Galilei). These new corundum minerals contain inclusions of a remarkable mineral association, including the first non outer space natural Tistarite (Ti 2 O 3 ) mineral (one of the Solar system s oldest solids), found for the first time in documented history on Earth, And also the new mineral, first discovered by Shefa Gems, named Carmeltazite due to its location of discovery on Mt. Carmel ("CARMEL"), and due to its major chemical components, namely, Titanium, Aluminum and Zirconium ("TAZ"). These inclusions are formed in the most reducing conditions ever reported on Earth, and the major scientific problem posed by the existence of the Carmel Sapphire is "how such conditions cou ld be created on Earth? Earth?““. In January 7 , 2019 the company announce that Carmeltazite, (the mineral inclusion in the Carmel Sapphire ™, has been recognized and approved as a new mineral by the International Mineralogical Association ("IMA") and chosen by them as MINERAL OF THE YEAR 2018

Physical possible effects: Helps with all problems that arise through over acid conditions, for example rheumatism and gout, and will decrease excessive acid formation in the stomach. Supports the absorption of iron in the intestine and normalizes conductivity in the nerves. In this way, it helps with symptoms of weakness, slowed down perc ept ion and even with paralysis. Feeds all combustion processes in the body and therefore, it is an energy supplier in all cells, tissues and organs. Promotes growth and an upright posture in the muscles and bones. H as anti inflammatory properties, particularly in the case of colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and kidney infections. Fortifies the heart and the ability to regenerate the organism. Has an antispasmodic effect, particularly wit h menstrual problems that are connected with delayed menstruation. It also stimulates the liver's synthesizing function. Helps with all neurological diseases, including: Alzheimer's, psychosis, autism, epilepsy. Helps with MS

Psychological/mental possible effects: Has a very calming effect on nervousness, fears and feelings of guilt. Encourages the facility to express feelings, and to release behavioral patterns of holding onto things and holding back. It also stimulates a desire for change and alteration. Promotes creativity and the desire to turn ideas into reality. It mobilizes states of mood that have become rigid or frozen and provides the possibility for change. Has an enlivening and freeing effect in the case of claustrophobia, fear and oppression. It promotes sexual fulfilment and is helpful with problems of impotency and premature ejaculation. Helps with the release of material worries and blocks and with letting go of suppressed and retained fears. It encourages symbolic and pictorial thinking and brings deep insights in dreams. Relieves barriers in intellectual development. Developing innovation capability. Helps calm overstimulation of the brain. Helps develop intuition. Helps sharpness the mind, perception of reality and self control.

Spiritual possible effects: Can help with a loss of identity, finding out again who we really are and what our task is in life. It encourages a sense of reality, soberness and alertness at any given moment. Promotes joy in living and the ability to be creatively active. Ensures survival in the sense of continuous further development towards optimal conditions. Confers honesty, independence and spiritual greatness. Reminds us of the meaning of our existence. It helps with developing a spiritual view of things and with seeing through the illusory values of materialism as such