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Mining Miracle

Holy Gems Carmel-Sapphire Earrings

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Holy land

Carmel Sapphire

A sapphire brick and like
the appearance of the heavens for clarity

The Carmel Sapphire™ is a new and phenomenal gem in the market. Its mineralogical composition consists of the common sapphire (Corundum), but also accompanied by a group of new minerals, never before found on earth, one of which was chosen by the International Mineralogical Association (“IMA”) as Mineral of the year 2018.
The Carmel Sapphire™ was first-ever discovered in the world in 2014 (by the mining company ‘Shefa in Israel’). On March 2020, For the first time in record history, an Official Discovery of Precious Carmel Sapphire™ in the Holy Land was declared after having been found in the Kishon Mine.

High gem-quality Carmel Sapphire™ are extremely rare, and can be found only in the Holy Land of Israel. Formed in the most reducing conditions ever reported on Earth (which made the experts speechless in the face of this wonder), the Carmel Sapphire™ is miraculous in and of itself. In view of the scientists’ astonishment at the very creation of this rare gem, together with its special color (caused as a result of the inclusions within the sapphire) that looks like a cloudy sky – We had to wonder if this was not the special sapphire on which it was written in verse 24:10 in the book of Exodus about “The forming of a sapphire brick and like the appearance of the heavens for clarity”.

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