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The Cluster of Sapphire

The Cluster of Sapphire

One-of-a-kind collection

18k gold necklace crafted with over 4 carats of Blue & Green High-end Sapphires, mined exclusively from the Holy Land, and decorated with 65 VS Collection small diamonds. The ‘Cluster of Sapphire Necklace’, by Holy Gems™, features traditional classic design, inspired by the biblical story from the book of Numbers, of the scouts sent by Moses to explore the Holy Land – only this time the findings are much more precious. This one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, is # 3 of a limited collection of 101 pieces inlaid with the first set of precious gems ever mined from the Holy Land.

SKU :N1-3001KISHON-2

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18k gold necklace crafted with over 4.1 carats of Blue & Green High-end Sapphires, mined exclusively from the Holy Land, and decorated with 65 VS Collection small diamonds

Jewelry design name :The Cluster of Sapphire

SKU : N1-3001KISHON-2

Type of jewelry : Necklace

# In First Kishon Collection 3/101

Gold composition : 18k

Gold weight (grams) : 9.9 g

Color gem verity : Sapphire

Color of the gem : Olive Green to Royal Blue

100% Kishon Mine-Holy Land of Israel

Color gem quantity : 9

Total color gem weight (CT) :4.1

Small diamonds quantity : 65

Holy land


I will lay your foundations with sapphires

Sapphire is a gem-variety of the mineral corundum (a mineral with a remarkable hardness of ‘9 on the Mohs scale’, the third hardest gem, after diamond at 10 and moissanite at 9.5 – which enhances its gem quality and durability).

Although blue is the best-known sapphire color, they occur in other colors as well. Significant sapphire deposits are found in Australia, Afghanistan, China , Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Africa, Sri
Lanka, Thailand, and United States.

In March 2020, For the first time in recorded history, an Official Discovery of Precious Sapphire in the Holy Land was declared after having been found in the Kishon Mine. Holy Land Sapphires are composed of the same good mineralogical properties as common Sapphire, and comes in beautiful colors, ranging from deep mysterious blue to prosperous green. High gem-quality Sapphire originated from the Holy Land are extremely rare.

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