Gem quality Spinel has long been used for Jewelry, including in the British and the French Crown Jewels. Spinel is the magnesium/aluminum member of the larger spinel group of minerals. The Spinel gem has a strong hardness of ‘8 on the Mohs scale’ – which enhances its gem quality and durability. Spinel usually found in the market is originated mainly from Africa, Sri-Lanka and Afghanistan.

In March 2020, for the first time in recorded history, an Official Discovery of Precious Spinel in the Holy Land was declared after found in the Kishon Mine.

Holy Land Spinel

Holy Land Spinel is composed of the same mineralogical properties of common spinel, and comes in a shiny opaque empowering black
High gem-quality Spinel originated from the Holy Land are RARE.

spinel gem

Mineral Energetic Virtues

The spinel gem is mentioned several times in the Bible (sometimes as GASPER) and is also symbolically known as the “Peace Stone”.

According to many studies of gemstone energetic influence, spinel stone has virtues that can affect the human body, in the following ways:

spinel gem
  • Gives a general balance and relaxation.
  • Reduces the rate of skin aging
  • Reduces the rate of development of cancer cells
  • Helps facilitate foreclosure
  • Helps relieve pregnancy nausea
  • Helps relieve osteoporosis and Incontinence.
  • Gives energetic encouragement and helps to inspire hope and overcome obstacles.
  • Helps to recover and overcome physical illnesses and traumas of all kinds.