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World Ambassadors visit to Akko

The discovery of the first precious gems deposit in the land of Israel continues to elicit interest all over the world, as a respectable delegation of over 30 ambassadors and diplomats, who are members of the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel, came to the HOLYGEMS visitors center in Acco and witnesses, for the first time, the new Israeli natural treasure – precious gems mined from Northern Israel.

The visit was an initiative of the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel whose motto is “connecting diplomats to Israel”, led by the club’s president Mr. Yitzhak Eldan. The ambassadors were given a special tour where they were shown the process of treating the piles of soil arriving from the mining area to the operational facility in Acco, sifting and sorting it in special machines, finding the stones in the lab, polishing them and then setting them onto the luxury gold jewelry displayed in the showroom. The ambassadors also listened to the unique story that had led to the discovery of the first deposit in Israel, as told by members of the Taub family who owns the brand. In attendance were the ambassadors from Bulgaria, Panama, Colombia, Lithuania, Paraguay, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Albania, Nepal, Sri Lanka,  Kosovo, Myanmar, and other diplomats. The ambassadors showed great interest and first contacts began to be made.

After the tour, the visit continued to the old city of Acco, the first place in Israel to be declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The ambassadors visited the historical sites of the Knights’ Halls and the Templars’ Tunnels, and enjoyed lunch at the Roots restaurant in the old city.

Mr. Yitzhak Eldan, president of the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel, said: “we are always proud to show the members of the Ambassadors’ Club the Israeli natural, historical and human resources, such as the precious stones found in our land, and of course the Old City of Acco that has been selected by UNESCO as a world heritage site.  They are a source of great pride, and the ambassadors were very happy to have this opportunity”.

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